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Cannabis, Crafting, Community


  • Amy Mothercraft

Why Cannabis for this Mama?

There actually is a little bit of a purpose here on Mothercraft...

I love making, creating, hands on crafting. Give me a glue gun and some glitter and I am one happy girl. The only limit to creating is your own imagination--and problem solving capabilities. The sky is the limit! What's not to love?

As I have gotten older and become a mom, I am ecstatic that my son shares my enthusiasm for crafting. He inspires me daily and was a large part of my following through with starting Mothercraft. And while I am now trying to do more in depth projects, continuing being family friendly is a must.

So why cannabis? What's family friendly about that? Nothing really, I suppose. Truthfully, at first it was just a way to make my crafting show stand out. I already smoke for every project I make, might as well see if the viewer wants to join. It is only polite, after all. It seemed like a good way to insert some humor in to the episodes and give it a unique stamp; a way to expand my range of viewers.

I have always been passionate and outspoken--just ask my mom. With filming and the process constantly evolving, I started to realize I had a platform here. As much as I love crafting, I love sharing information and dispelling myths more. And in the wake of medical legalization and now recreational legalization, I saw my opportunity to share something I am knowledgable about. Something that I have had to stay silent about for most of my life.

As a woman, I have often felt like I was looked at differently for being a heavy smoker. Dare I say shunned? Becoming a mother intensified this feeling a hundred fold. Prohibition being lifted in my state was like a hammer to the head. Why was I shunned? Why is managing my pain, anxiety and overall mood something to ridicule? Why is a bottle of chardonnay a day given the thumbs up when another plant, an herb really, is ignored for its actual historical benefits?

I am proud to say that I have been able to take advantage of this unique opportunity I have laid before myself. I have already had so many amazing interactions with other canna mammas and industry representatives in general. The passion and camaraderie in this particular business is one of lifting one another up and expanding based on each other's growth. This in mind, I have been able to share my own story and in turn counsel other moms as they explain to their families about their own cannabis use. Making myself available for panels and discussions is my attempt to normalize the use of cannabis for mothers in particular.

It was an honor to have my first interview about the origins of Mothercraft with Jenn Lauder of Splimm: The Pot and Parenting Newsletter. A great resource for activities, events, and canna knowledge, Splimm is paving the way for normalizing cannabis use for parents. Click on the photo below to link to the full article. Until next time, Mothercrafters!