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  • Amy Mothercraft

Welcome to the Mothercraft

Where cannabis and crafting come together to make your creative life complete...

or at least more fun

Welcome to Mothercraft! I am so excited to bring my love of cannabis and crafting to you. Crafting is not only something I do in my spare time, for holidays, or with my kid. It is my life. Be it catering, sewing, party planning, or assembling a diorama, this is my livelihood; this is my joy. Along with William Hack as my coproducer, coeditor, man behind the camera and creative font, I am able to present to you some of my crafting genius and my ever present epic fails.

Now why the cannabis? What is the connection? Have you ever tried crafting without it? Actually, cannabis can lend me the ability to focus, create freely, and laugh off my fails a little more easily. I am hoping that with being free and open about cannabis use, we can normalize it and mothers in particular do not have the need to hide this part of their identities. I am just hoping to pop in a useful craft and a little humor along the way.

Now what about that first episode?

Mothercraft season one takes a look at crafts found on line and gives them a go for the first time on camera. As you can guess, there are a lot of wrinkles to iron out here. I am okay with that. We are presenting you with the opportunity to watch someone else fail before you do it in front your kids. Not bad.

The pilot episode focuses on crayon art. What parent doesn't have a thousand crayons all over the house? It is time to wrassle them together with a few other supplies from around the house and make a project! Yee haw!

Depicted above is a beautiful example of the melted crayon art project we attempted on this first episode. Here is a list everything we used:


Painters tape

Vinyl image with sticker back

Poster board

Drop cloth

Blow dryer

A bong


Skywalker sativa

You simply take your poster board, apply the vinyl sticker, then tape the crayons around the image. You will then place it on a drop cloth and use the blow dryer to melt the crayons to the edge of the poster board. Easy enough, right? Fool proof, right? This is going to be a piece of cake!

Lies! Lies! Shame on you Pinterest! Simply put: there is no way a common blow dryer could melt a crayon in under an hour or possibly at all. Done. That is it. I had three crayon tips blow off across the paper before they even got hot enough to melt. I would like to think there is a solution. That being said, I would guess with a superior brand of wax coloring implement, on a hot day, after the crayons sat on blacktop for an hour, on a baking sheet on top of a heated stove, with some form of industrial heat gun, this could work. Now watch the first episode for a visual cue and a laugh. Welcome to Mother craft!