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  • Amy Mothercraft

Mothercrafting for Just a Minute

Introducing the quick and easy way to craft your brains out! Craft 1: Melted Bead Bowl

We started Mothercraft a little under a year ago with a grand vision of around twenty episodes a season. Then we realized we aren't getting paid for this and there is a whole bunch of life stuff to do. We delivered thirteen episodes and went on hiatus. Filming is underway again, but I got antsy in the meantime. So many crafts to share! I realized several episodes in, I was not progressing with my editing skills earned in the late 1990's. So for the sake of practicing both crafts, I started filming Mothercraft Minutes!

Being super late to the technology game, I thought using iMovie on my phone would work. Ummmmm, no. This is not a replacement for an actual editing program by any means. To piece together a few videos of your kids running after bubbles and going down slides, sure. But to produce something that you are presenting to people in hopes of building your business, noooooo. Enter the Adobe Premier crash course. This is also known as me sitting at the kitchen counter in my bathrobe with my vape and a can of La Croix while watching youtube tutorial videos and yelling profanities at the computer. I struggled my way through the Boozy Christmas episode, but felt the power of Premier possessing me by episode 12. I needed more! So much more...practice.

Here in the first officially "edited in Premier only" go of Mothercraft Minutes, I present The Melted Bead Bowl! After desperately needing me to replace five beads on his string bracelet, my son had no interest in the rest of the bag of perler beads we purchased at the Dollar Store. I did not feel like stepping on them anymore or finding them stuck in the Roomba. A bowl was born! This is really just a basic way to use these beads. They can be melted together in a number of ways--as coasters, tree ornaments, Minecraft art. You will need:

Perler Beads-- half cup of beads for a small bowl

Cooking Spray

Bowl or mold for beads

Baking pan

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Spray your bowl with cooking spray and dab out any excess with a towel. Place your beads in the bowl and lightly press them against the walls. Put that bowl on a baking pan and cook that action for 10-15 minutes. Once it has cooled completely, the form will pop right out. Wash off any oil that may be on the outside of the bowl and proudly display your creation. See you for the next Mothercraft Minute!